Pokolbin's Original Distillery

At Hunter Distillery compromise is not an option.

Source only the best ingredients available.

Use traditional time proven methods.

Balanced with the latest production and quality control. 

Add a whole lot of passion and some hard work.

Keeping the craft alive.

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All our products are 

Hand-crafted on-site 



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Man holding a glass of Gin



Hand-crafted in the Hunter Valley Winery Region of Pokolbin, we are proud to showcase this exceptional range of top shelf spirits, including Gin, Vodkas, Liqueurs, Schnapps and our award winning, COPPERWAVE DISTILLED GIN.


Inspired by our youngest daughter, Anna, and influenced by 4 generations of distillers, Silk is a sophisticated, delectable almond vodka liqueur. 

Unique in the spirits world, the silk range is vegan friendly, gluten free, and only made with natural ingredients. We don't compromise quality at Hunter Distillery, which is why we maintain our tradition of making 100% of our products in-house from scratch.

Silk can be appreciated neat, on ice, warmed by a fire, or added to a creamy cocktail or desert.

Our Best Sellers

" Taste begins the moment you decide to be yourself "
- 800000 %
- 2500000 %
Barrel Aged Gin
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Discover Our Full 2023 Collection

Our Exclusive Valli Range

Made using clean, natural ingredients.
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Valli Coffee Vodka
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Valli Apple Vodka
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Valli Lemon Myrtle Vodka
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Valli Chilli Vodka

Vodka is not just a drink, 

it's a state of mind.

Some of Our Popular Recipes

Appletini Cocktail
Appletini Appletini 30ml Valli Apple Vodka 30ml Lemon Juice 30ml Apple Juice Shake with ice Why are apples popular for...
Popcorn Iced Chocolate
Popcorn Iced Chocolate Popcorn Iced Chocolate Pour chocolate sauce around the inside of the glass Add ice cream 60ml Popcorn...
Black Widow Cosmo
Black Widow Cosmo Black Widow Cosmo 30ml Valli Premium Vodka 30ml Blackberry Liqueur 45ml Cranberry Juice 15ml Lemon Juice Shake...
Toffee Apple Martini
Toffee Apple Martini Toffee Apple Martini 30ml Valli Premium Vodka 30ml Valli Apple Vodka 30ml Hunter Distillery Strawberry Liqueur Shake...

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